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Business reports: YWCA Child Development Center recognized for quality child care

The Grand Island Independent 03 Oct 2021
YWCA of Grand Island’s Child Development Center has been recognized by Nebraska Step Up to Quality as reaching Step 4 for its commitment to quality child care and education ... Hastings have provided their clients with skilled counsel throughout Nebraska for many years,” said Fraser Stryker partner Michael Coyle.

BC-Chart Columbus

Hastings Tribune 04 Jul 2021
Let's Go Places;119;4;2;3-1½;2-hd;3-10;3-20;B ... Platte Girl;119;5;3;2-6;1-hd;5;4-6;D ... J's Twostep Beauty;124;6;1;4-hd;3-4;1-1;1-3;D ... Always a Tiz;124;1;3;1-3;1-hd;3-5;3-1¼;N ... Gogetmbugs;124;6;4;2-hd;1-½;2-1;2-2¾;C ... Bulls Eye Betty;124;7;6;6-6;4-hd;4-½;5-nk;B ... Question Markie;124;2;2;1-hd;2-hd;3-hd;7;D ... Nebraska Red;124;8;8;3-hd;1-hd;1-½;1-2¾;J.

BC-Chart Columbus-5-Add

News-Press Now 26 Jun 2021
BC-Chart Columbus-5-Add. Columbus Results Friday June 25th, 2021. By The Associated Press ... Off 8.04. Good. bobble brk, 3-4wd. Fractional/Final Time ... Trainer ... Ticker;124;7;3;2-5;1-hd;1-1;1-�;S ... Nebraska Red;122;6;6;6-4;6-3;4-�;3-1�;C ... Sweet Eclipse;124;4;1;1-�;2-4;2-2;5-hd;D ... 6 (6);Nebraska Red;3.00 ... .

Horse Racing Results

The Columbus Telegram 15 Jun 2021
4������������ Miss Mead, Fackler��������� 1������������ 1-hd������ 1-3�������� 1-3�������� 1-8 3/4� .40 ... 4������������ Heros Don't Die, Ramos� 2������������ 4-hd������ 5-8�������� 2-1 1/2� 1-1 1/4 16.10. 6������������ Forgery, Bethke 1������������ 3-4�������� 2-hd������ 1-1�������� 2-2 1/4 8.10.

BC-Chart Horseman's Park-3-Add

Hastings Tribune 15 May 2021
BC-Chart Horseman's Park-3-Add ... Off 7.16 ... Five Roses Luna;124;6;4;2-hd;1-hd;1-1�;2-nk;S ... Texas Fugitive;124;8;1;4-1;4-hd;4-1�;3-3�;N ... Nebraska Red;121;7;8;7-3;5-hd;5-hd;4-3;Z ... Ticker;124;4;6;5-hd;7-5;7-4;7-3�;J ... .

BC-Chart Oaklawn Park-6-Add

Hastings Tribune 18 Mar 2021
BC-Chart Oaklawn Park-6-Add. Oaklawn Park Results Thursday March 18th, 2021. By The Associated Press ... Wish for Candy;126;11;3;4-1�;2-hd;2-5;2-nk;K ... Alittlebitofsmarty;126;4;6;7-2;10-1�;9-�;6-hd;J ... Bonita's Gold;126;3;5;11;11;10-3;7-hd;J ... Lady Mondoro;126;9;4;5-�;6-1;6-hd;8-1�;J ... Nebraska Red;121;1;11;3-hd;4-1�;11;11;T ... .

Steven M. Sipple: Why Martinez's play should rise; and B1G quietly gets stronger at bottom

The Elkhart Truth 12 Mar 2021
Making sense of a remarkable Monday for Nebraska men's basketballkAmkDEC@?8mxV> 2? 2G.5 =.DE6?6C @7 E96 hb]f u ... kAmk.7C2>6 DC4lQ9EEADi^^@>?J]7>^D9@HD^9FD<6C\6IEC2^6A\`ga\E96\=2E6DE\.?\9FD<6C\B3\C64CF.E.?8\42?\9@.3^6>365nDEJ=6l4@G6CQ 7C2>63@C56ClQ_Q H.5E9lQ`__TQ 96.89ElQ`g_Qmk^.7C2>6mk^Am ... Nebraska vs.

Game notes: After rough first play, Blackshirts negate the Knights; no Vedral for Rutgers

The Courier Times 19 Dec 2020
Nebraska’s offense got most of the attention in the second half against Rutgers, but make no mistake about it, this game isn’t won without the clamps applied by the Blackshirts on Friday night ... Nebraska-Rutgers ... Nebraska vs ... Nebraska vs ... Nebraska vs ... Nebraska vs ... Nebraska vs ... Nebraska vs ... Nebraska vs ... Nebraska vs ... Nebraska vs ... Nebraska vs ... Nebraska vs.

Frost said he loved the game plan, but Husker passing attack sputters against Gophers

The Herald Palladium 13 Dec 2020
Nebraska's passing game has been stuck in the mud many times this season, ranking 13th in the Big Ten and 99th nationally ... Minnesota-Nebraska ... Nebraska, 12.12. Nebraska family members look for their seats before the Huskers host Minnesota on Saturday at Memorial Stadium ... Nebraska, 12.12 ... Nebraska, 12.12 ... Nebraska, 12.12 ... Nebraska, 12.12 ... Nebraska, 12.12.

Notes: Taylor-Britt tossed for targeting again; third-down woes; 'stinks' for seniors to go out with ...

The Courier Times 13 Dec 2020
All Cam Taylor-Britt could do late in the first half Saturday was take out his anger on a trash can on the Nebraska sideline ... Bummer city as Nebraska loss takes another large bite out of fan optimismkAmqFE E96 9.Ek^Am ... Minnesota-Nebraska ... Nebraska, 12.12 ... Nebraska, 12.12 ... Nebraska, 12.12 ... Nebraska, 12.12 ... Nebraska, 12.12 ... Nebraska, 12.12 ... Nebraska, 12.12.

Defense shows strides for Boise State in win against Colorado State

The Herald Palladium 13 Nov 2020
BOISE — It wasn't a perfect performance by the Boise State defense ... × This page requires Javascript ... Penn State at Nebraska ... kAm“%92E D9@HD @FC 962CE 2?5 @FC 492C24E6C 2D 2 E62>[” D2.5 (.==.2>D] “%96 724E H6 42? 4@>6 @77 2 E@F89 =@DD[ E9C66 82>6D .? `b 52JD[ 2?5 A=2J 6G6CJ 82>6 =.<6 .EVD 2 492>A.@?D9.A 82>6]”k^Am ... .

Scouting Penn State: Breaking down the Nittany Lions

The Dispatch 12 Nov 2020
Penn State at Nebraska ... kAmk.7C2>6 E.E=6lQtA] `egi (92E 92AA6?D H.E9 E96 wFD<6CDV "q D.EF2E.@? GD] !$&n !=FD }$s E9@F89ED 7@C 9@@AD[ 'q 2?5 32D632==Q DC4lQ9EEADi^^@>?J]7>^D9@HD^9FD<6C\6IEC2^6A\`eg\H92E\92AA6?D\H.E9\E96\9FD<6CD\B3\D.EF2E.@?^6>365Q 7C2>63@C56ClQ_Q H.5E9lQ`__TQ 96.89ElQ`g_Qmk^.7C2>6mk^Am.

Rapid Reaction: Frost says QB decision 'will have to develop' over practice week

The Dispatch 09 Nov 2020
Nebraska coach Scott Frost said a decision on who will start at quarterback against Penn State on Saturday "is going to have to develop" over the course of the week ... Nebraska vs ... Nebraska's Myles Farmer runs with the ball after intercepting Northwestern quarterback Peyton Ramsey on Saturday in Evanston, Illinois ... Nebraska vs ... Nebraska vs ... Nebraska vs.

Here's how former Wildcats, Tucsonans fared in Week 6 of NFL season — and who ...

The Elkhart Truth 20 Oct 2020
This week was one of the busiest weekends for ex-Arizona Wildcats in the NFL ... × This page requires Javascript. Javascript is required for you to be able to read premium content ... k9C ^m ... k9C ^m ... k9am#@3 vC@?<@HD<.[ %t[ qF442?66CDk^9am ... Start time for Badgers' game at Nebraska announced ... kAmkDEC@?8m(66< e DE2EDik^DEC@?8m vC@?<@HD< ... .

Skutt senior Tyson Gordon, The World-Herald's boys athlete of the year, is always 'looking to win'

Omaha World-Herald 14 Jun 2020
Every Nebraska high school athlete of the year since 1995. kAmv@C5@? 7@==@HD y2>6D qFC<D 7C@> ~>292 qFC<6 2D 2 }63C2D<2 3@JD 2E9=6E6 @7 E96 J62C H9@ 925 2? F?56762E65 D6?.@C J62C[ 3FE .D E96 7.CDE D.?46 y@9? ... Meet the 2020 All-Nebraska boys basketball team.